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2001-2006 Ph.D. studies at the Department of Zoology, Tel-Aviv University, Israel. The title of the research: ABCB’s in a coastal bivalve: characterization, evolutionary insights and the potential for biomonitoring. Supervisors: Dr. Ofer Mokady and Prof. Nathan Nelson.

1993-1996 MSc. in Marine Biology and Oceanography at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and the Interuniversity institute in Eilat. Graduated with honor. The title of the thesis: Micro-scale patchiness of zooplankton in the gulf of Eilat. Supervisor: Prof. Amatzia Genin.

1990-1992 BSc. In Biology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Graduated with honor.

Professional positions:
2009- present, Expert in the Molecular Systematics collection and conducting a research in sponges The molecular systematic
2008- present, Laboratory technician in Tel Aviv Universtity courses "Vertebrates: Comparative anatomy and functional morphology" and "The Invertebrates: Comparative Functional Biology".

2007-2009 Tel Aviv University- Research assistant in molecular evolution at the laboratory of Dr. Dorothee Huchon.

2006-2007 BSP Ltd., Tel Aviv- Clinical Research Associate. Monitoring and supervising clinical trials in cardiology.

2000-2001 Aviv University- Laboratory technician at the Institute for Nature Conservation Research. During this work I was a technician of an Israeli-German joint project. The work involved managing the collaboration between four different laboratories in various fields (organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, molecular biology and ecology), while working in each of them.

1996-1999 University of Brussels (ULB), Belgium- In the frame of the Marie Curie research training grant from the European Commity I investigated the impact of heavy metals on skeleton deposition (calcification) in sea urchin larvae, at the laboratory of Dr. Philippe Dubois.

1992-1993 Soreq nuclear research center, Yavne- Laboratory assistant in the Radio-Pharmacology department.

Aditional training:

1999 Training in the usage of radioactive markers at the International Atomic Energy Agency, Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

1995 kshop in Bioacoustical Oceanography, UC Santa-Cruz.

1995 geochmistry of coral reefs, University of Manoa, Hawaii.

Active participation in symposia and meetings:

2008 45.th annual meeting of the Zoological Society, Ruppin Academic Center, Michmoret.

2006 43.th annual meeting of the Zoological Society, the Open University, Raanana.

2005 Pollutant Responses in Marine Organisms (PRIMO) 13th International Symposium, Alessandria, Italy.  

20041st Biosapience Permanent European School in Bioinformatics, Verona, Italy

2004 1st annual meeting of the Israeli Association of Aquatic Science, Bar Ilan Univ.

1996 The IUI conference on ‘The ecosystem of the Gulf of Aqaba in relation to the enhanced econommical development and the peace process’, Eilat

Grants and Awards:

2005 Adessman travel grant from the department of Zoology, Tel-Aviv University.

2004 The Porter School of Environmental Studies award.

2002 Fulbright doctoral dissertation grant- declined.

2002 Prof. Lev Fishelson award in marine biology studies, Tel-Aviv University.

2001 Eshkol grant for graduate studies from the Israeli Ministry of Sciences.

1997 Marie Curie grant No. ERBFMBICT_972341 from the European Commity

1996 Avner Etzion award from the oceanographic circle, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Teaching experience:

2006 Guiding a progject in the course “introduction to the ecolgy of the litoral” for 2nd year students at the Israel Maritime College .

2002 Teaching assistant in methods in ecological research course at the Tel-Aviv University.

1994-1995 Teaching assistant in introduction to ecology course at the Hebrew University.

1992 Guiding summer courses for youth at the Hebrew University.

1990-1992 Teaching sciences in schools from slums in a project of the Van-Leer Institute, Jerusalem.


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3-stars and Nitrox diver.