Name: Mienis, Hendrik Klaas (Henk)

Date of birth: April 5, 1941

Place of birth: Berkhout, the Netherlands

Nationality: Dutch

Civil status: Married (1970) + 4, lives as a permanent foreign resident in Israel since 1970

Work address: Mollusc Collection, Zoological Museum, National Collections of Natural History, Zoological Department, Tel Aviv University, IL 69978 Tel Aviv, Israel; Tel. 00972.3.6409042

Mollusc Collection, National Natural History Collections, Berman Building, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IL 91904 Jerusalem, Israel; Tel. 00972.2.6585877
  • Highschool, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; graduated: 1959.
  • Academy of Pedagogics, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; graduated: 1963 (qualified teacher), 1965 (qualified head-teacher).
  • Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel; Ph.D.-studies 1979-1982, subject: Introduced land snails and their economic importance in Israel. Study had to be abolished because of other commitments to the cooperative settlement where he lives.


  • Teacher elementary school, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (1966-1967).
  • Deputy head-teacher elementary school, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (1967-1969).
  • Pest control consultant in field crops, Kibbutz Netzer Sereni, Israel (since 1970 – part time).
  • Curator Mollusc Collection, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (since 1971 – part time).
  • Consultant and Associate Curator Mollusc Collection, Tel Aviv University, Israel (since 1999 – part time).
Malacological activities when living in the Netherlands (abridged)


  • 1965-1969 Assistant (voluntary) at the Department of Malacology, Zoological Museum), Amsterdam (supervisor Dr. H.E. Coomans), Specialization: European land- and freshwater molluscs and taxonomy & zoogeography of the family Neritidae (world wide).
  • 1967-1968 Research project: The distribution and ecology of Cernuella virgata in the Netherlands, on behalf of the State Institute for Nature Conservation Research (supervisor Ir. L.J.M. Butot).
  • 1967-1969 Revision/study of the Neritidae present in the collections of the following museums: Amsterdam, Leiden, Rotterdam, Enschedé & Denekamp, all the Netherlands, and Geneva, Switzerland..
  • 1968-1969 Identification of the Neritidae for Dr. R. Brandt's monograph on "The non-marine aquatic Mollusca of Thailand” (1974).
  • 1969-1970 Identification of the Neritidae and several other gastropod families collected during the Israel South Red Sea Expeditions 1962 & 1965 (supervisor Prof. A. Barash).
Malacological activities since his settlement in Israel (abridged)


  • Since 1970 Taxonomy, zoogeography and natural enemies of the land- and freshwater molluscs in particular from Israel (fieldwork in part supported by grants of the Fauna Palaestina Committee).
  • Since 1970 Taxonomy and zoogeography of the marine molluscs found along the Mediterranean coast of Israel with special focus on the presence of Lessepsian migrants.
  • Since 1970 Taxonomy and zoogeography of molluscs from the Red Sea.
  • Since 1970 Study of archaeomalacological finds from excavations in Israel and elsewhere in the Middle East (Iraq, Turkey, Jordan & Egypt) (so far material from more than 120 sites has been studied)
  • Since 1970 Studies of Neritidae present in museums or collected during expeditions (Prof. G. Vermeij, U.S.A.; Prof. F. Starmühlner, Austria; Dr. Wium-Andersen, Denmark; Royal Museum of Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium; Zoological Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark, etc.).
  • Since 1976 Identification of all mollusc material collected or intercepted by rangers of the Israel Nature Reserves and National Parks Protection Authority.
  • Since 1977 Identification of all mollusc material intercepted by inspectors of the Department of Plant Protection, Ministry of Agriculture, Israel.
  • 1991 Study of the distribution of Unionidae in North-Holland, the Netherlands, and the land- and freshwater molluscs of Wieringen and Marken, two former islands in the Netherlands (grant: Beijerinck-Popping Fund).
  • 1992 Study of aquatic molluscs, aquatic plants & agricultural weeds collected during a feasibility study of the Kano River Irrigation Project Extension, Nigeria (for Tahal Consultants).
  • 1999 Revision of the family Ellobiidae occurring in the Red Sea and on Mauritius, carried out at the Zoological Museum Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Large Scale Facilities grant of the European Economic Community).
  • 2000 Revision of the genera Nerita and Neritopsis present in the collection of the Zoological Museum Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Large Scale Facilities grant of the European Economic Community).


  • Since 1971 Honorary Associate, Zoological Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • 1971-1992 Editor or member editorial board "Argamon, Israel Journal of Malacology", Israel
  • 1976-1998 Editor or member editorial board "Levantina", Israel.
  • Since 1972 Member Editorial board "Malacologia", U.S.A.
  • Since 1974 Member Editorial board "Malacological Review", U.S.A.
  • 1975-1995 Honarary correspondent "Hawaiian Malacological News", U.S.A.
  • Since 2000 Member Editorial board "Triton", Israel.


Since 1965 more than 1500 articles have been published.