Zoological Museum
Department of Zoology

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv 69978 ISRAEL


Personal information

Birth date: December 1939

Birth place: Moldova

Date of arrival to Israel: March 1990



Zoological Institute, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Leningrad.

Post-graduate study. Speciality: Entomology.

Ph. D. Thesis: Ichneumon-flies of the tribe Glyptini (Hymenoptera,

Ichneumonidae) of the USSR fauna.


Agricultural University. Kishinev, Moldova. Speciality: Agronomy.

M. Sc. Thesis: Biological Control of Orchard Pests.

4-8 viii 2003 Workshop on Tephritid Fruit Flies Identification, Seibersdorf, Austria.


Different courses: agronomy, entomology, computer.

Proffesional employment


(A) Work on partial rate of wages in Tel Aviv University.

(B) Cohen Institute for Biological Control, Bet Dagan.


Pest Protection and Inspection Services (PPIS). Ministry of Agriculture.


 A. Rubin's Biological Control Laboratory, Israel.


All-Union Research Institute of Biological Methods for Plant Protection, Kishinev. USSR.


Agronomist. Agricultural state farm, Moldova.

Proffesional and scientific activity


(A) Collection and identification of Ichneumonidae from Israel.

(B) Study of parasitoids of Mediterranean Fruit and Olive Flies in Israel


Identification of Thysanoptera, Microlepidoptera & Aphididae. Inspection

of agricultural production and territories for discovery and control of quarantine pests. Laboratory rearing of new pests for Israel and experiments for struggle against them. Study of thrips fauna of Israel. Curator of the collection of PPIS (Ministry of Agriculture).


Research of methods for mass-production parasitoid of Western Flower Thrips.

1969, 1973-1990

Research of the complexes pests and their parasitoids in the gardens. The ways to increasing the effect of natural entomophagous insects in the orchard. Taxonomic revision of subfamily Banchinae (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae) in the USSR. Curator of the Institute collection.


Taxonomic revision of the tribe Glyptini (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae) of the USSR fauna.

49 articles are published. 45 new species of Ichneumonidae are described.