Personal Information

Nationality: Israel

Date and place of Birth: 14.Oct.67 (10 Tishri 5728); Tetuan, Morocco

Date and origin of Aliya: 06.Sep.84; Caracas, Venezuela

Military Service: 1992 (IDF, medical forces)

Marital & family status: Married + 7
Current Occupation

1998- present

Research assistant and Apoidea collection manager. Department of Zoology, Tel Aviv University.
 Main topics handled: Scientific programming and research, coordination of research projects and laboratory team.

2008- present

Apoidea collection manager. Nature National Collections Dept. of Zoology, Tel Aviv University.
Main topics handled: Content specialist responsible for physical and scientific documentation and research of the Apoidea (bees) collection.

2006- present

Organization Consultant, Lecturer. Nitzos, Netanya. Main topics handled: Personal consulting to managers, Lecturer on multidisciplinary topics

Tertiary Education

2003- present

Rabbinical studies, 'Pirchei Shoshanim' Project, Jerusalem


The university advanced program for Organizational Consulting, Tel Aviv University


Ph.D. Dept. of Zoology, Faculty of Life Sciences. Tel Aviv University. Main topics of the thesis: Behavioral ecology of predators & parasitoids. Parental care. Tritrophic interactions. Ecomorphology. Models for the assessment of natural enemies impact.


M.Sc. Dept. of Zoology, Faculty of Life Sciences. Tel Aviv University. Main topics of the thesis: Sociobiology. Chemical ecology of ant pheromones.


B.Sc. Faculty of Life Sciences. Tel Aviv University

Professional Experience
a. Education and lectures


Educational director of 'Taglit-Ner Laelef': a learning program on Judaism for Brasilian jewish students in Israel. Yeladim-Netivot, Jerusalem


Lecturer on Rav Kook's writing and thougths. Matan, Natanya


Coordinator of an in-service learning program for teachers of Oral Torah, Pisgah, Netanya

1998- 2006

Scientific-pedagogical advisor, Shapirah Junior High-School, Netanya. Main topics handled: School Rabbi, Development of interdisciplinary curriculum in medical jewish ethics, Evaluation and feedback of school performance, Development and application of Talmud teaching methodology.

2000, 2002

Lecturer on Integrated Pest Mamagement in the course: Horticulture for foreign delegates. Faculty of Agriculture. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Lecturer of the course: Insect Ecology (substituting Dr. Moshe Coll). Faculty of Agriculture. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Coordinator of training programs for foreign researchers' delegations. The Israel Cotton Board and Department of Zoology, Tel Aviv University


Lecturer in courses for Advanced Pests Scouts in Cotton. The Israel Cotton Board


Coordinator of laboratories and assistants' team of the course: General Zoology. Faculty of Life Science. Tel Aviv University


Teaching assistant of the courses: Biology and Ecology of Parasitoids, Biology of Social Insects, General Zoology. Faculty of Life Science. Tel Aviv University


Tutor of the course: The Insects. The Open University, Israel

b. Research

Nov 2002

Visiting scientist- International Institute for Tropical Agriculture, Kampala Uganda


Post-Doctoral fellow- Dept of Entomology, Faculty of Agriculture. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Main areas of research: Ecology of omnivory in terrestrial systems.

Sept 1996

Visiting scientist- Claude-Bernard I University, Lyon France

c. Consulting


Change of organizational culture, Netiv Tefahot Yeshiva, Tefahot


Introducing changes in technology, National Consultants Ltd (Leumi Group), Tel Aviv


Member of the National Management Team of "Tomorrow 98" - A project for improvement of scientific, technological and mathematical education. The Ministry of Education, Israel. Main topics handled: Counselor of the Ministry of Education for development of educational initiative, leadership and In-Service teachers training in science education.

Grants, Fellowships & Awards


The Chief Scientist of the Israel Ministry of Agriculture Fund and The Fruit Board- Production & Marketing. Improvement of control of Orchid thrips in avocado orchards, with emphasis in biological control. (Co-P.I.). Budget: aprox. 75,000 $ per year.


The Fruit Board – Production & Marketing. Analysis of trophic level interactions involved in the avocado, orchid thrips & its natural enemies system. (Co-P.I.) Budget: aprox 35,000 $


The Israel Cotton Production & Marketing Board Ltd. Influence of morphological characteristics of cotton varieties on natural enemies' activity. (Co-P.I.) Budget: aprox. 9,000 $ per year.


Doctoral Research Award. The World Sephardi Federation


The Ramy Levin Memorial Award. Department of Zoology, Faculty of Life Sciences. Tel-Aviv University

Scientific reviewer for:
Entomologia Expementalis et Applicata

Journal of Applied Entomology



The Entomological Society of Israel

The Zootherapy Organization of Israel


Hebrew, Spanish, English & Portuguese: speak, read & write;

French: speak


Professional: Urban zoology, Entomology, Behavioral Ecology, Ecomorphology, BioControl & IPM,

Organization development and psychology,

Educational entrepreneurs, Trends & alternatives in education

Personal: Jewish Philosophy and spiritual growth, Talmud & Halacha scholar/ lecturer/ publicist

Activities within the community

Founder & Chairman of "Beit Becky - The ‘Chesed' Clearinghouse"

Chairman of the 'Dor Hemshech' Congregation, Netanya

Member of the conceptual committee of the 'Gifted School Project', Netanya Municipality
Moshe Gershon - List of publications