Faculty:  Zoological Museum, Department of Zoology,  Life  Sciences, TelAvivUniversity

Phone No.: 03-6409042  (work)

Date & Place of Birth:   1937;  Troussilovka. Kamenez-Podolsk region, Ukraine SSR

Immigration to Israel: 1991




1945-1955                 Grade and High School. School 82, Kharkov, USSR - with gold medal.

1955-1960                 Kharkov State University, Ukr. SSR, Dept. of Geology

1960                            KharkovStateUniversity,  M.Sc. in Geology and Paleontology

1965                            KharkovStateUniversity, Ph.D. in Paleontology and Stratigraphy, Dept. of 
                                     Geology and Paleontology


Title M.Sc. thesis:     Geology of the Upper Cretaceous deposits of Tadzhik depression and its Brachiopod fauna. 182 p. 1960. (in Russian).

                                    (Studied the stratigraphy, paleogeography, paleotectonics and paleontology of the Upper Cretaceous of Tadzhik province of the Mediterranean)

Title Ph.D. thesis:     Late Cretaceous Brachiopoda of Tadzhik depression and surrounding regions, and their meaning for understanding the stratigraphy and paleogeography. 379 p. 1965. (in Russian).

                                    (First world investigation of the Mediterranean Upper Cretaceous Brachiopoda (systematics, phylogeny, morphology, internal structure, biogeochemistry, paleoecology).


Positions Held


1959-1962                Academic researcher. Engineer, KharkovStateUniversity

1962-1967                University teacher.  Engineer, KharkovState 

1967-1991                Associate Professor, KharkovStateUniversity

1980-1991                Professor consultant.

                                    Leading researcher with different  engineering organizations:

                                    “Atomenergoproect”, “Ukrvostokgiintiz”, “Dneprogeologia”,

                                    Engin. Center Acad. of  Sciences, Ukr.SSR”,

                                    Scientific  Res. Center of Kharkov State Univ., and others.

1992-1998                Scientific researcher, TelAvivUniversity                                              


Main Projects


- Geological mapping at 1:50,000 - 1:1,000 and new methods of regional and field geographical investigations.

- Geotechnical mapping at 1:25,000 - 1:500 and microgeodynamics of civil and industry building zones (Zheleznogorsk, Izium, Kupiansk, Kharkov and others).

- Engineering geodynamics and microgeodynamics of the base of the nuclear power stations (Crimean, South Ukrainian, Novovoronezhian, Tatarian, Bashkirian, Ulianovskian).

- Geoecology of engineering systems of permalfrost zones (Urenghoy, North Siberia).

- Geoecology of the oil and gas mining zones and structures, USSR.

- Geology and paleontology of Cretaceous and Jurassic of USSR (Russian Plate, Central Asia, Crimea, Caucasus, Donbass, Carpathian, Sachalin, Koriakia, and others).

- Marine geology and detail Quaternary geology of Black Sea.

- Mesozoic Brachiopod paleontology.

- Biogeochemistry, shell structures, biogeography and paleoecology of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic fauna.

- Phosphoritic and benthonitic geology of Cretaceous of USSR

- Geology and biogeochemistry of the metalloorganic (“mummija”) layers, Central Asia.

- Event stratigraphy and historical planetology; discovery of new cyclic scale of geological time (Periodical systems in geochronology).

- Discovery of new structure forms and geodynamics: fissuring planetary systems, hydroisostatic systems, interbedding breaks off lithosphere and its field and engineering mapping.

- Development of basic problems of education in geology and paleontology in the following  courses:  “General geology” (1962-1964), “Biostratigraphy” (1963-1967), “Paleontology” (1965-1967), “Historical geology” (1963-1973), “Field and structural geology” (1967-1991), “Geomorphology” (1980- 1989), “Quaternary geology” (1980-1989), “Regional geology” (1975-1991), “Geotectonics” (1973-1991).


overseas working visits and conferences


1959             Conference of geology and mineral resources of Great Donbass, Kharkov, Artiomovsk, Donezk.

1960-1990    Sessions of Paleontological Society of USSR and Cretaceous committee of experts. Leningrad, VSEGEI.

1969             Conference “Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary”, Crimea, Prochladnoye.

1971             International conference “Mesozoic and Cenozoic Brachiopod paleontology”, Kharkov.

1974             Conference “Cosmic factors of organic evolution”, Moscow, Acad. Sci.,  USSR.

1979             Conference “Ecosystems in stratigraphy”, Vladivostok, Acad. Sci., USSR.

1984, 1986   Conferences “Geology and lithology of WorldOcean”, Odessa.

1987             Conference “Marine geology and geophysics”. Gelendzhyk, Acad., Sci., USSR.

1989             Conference of the seismical risk at alternative sites for nuclear power stations of USSR. Moscow-Chernogolovka.


Geological Reports (in Russian)


Katz Y.I., 1981. “Biogeochemistry and shell structure of Mesozoic and Cenozoic fossils of USSR”. KharkovUniversity Rep., 328p., 123 ill.

Antonov-Druzhinin V.P., Katz, Y.I., Podoba, I.M., 1982. Ceoecology of the engineering systems of Novy Urenghoy, north-west Siberia. Kharkov Univ. Rep., 178 p., 26 maps.

Lapkin I.J., Katz, Y.I., 1987. Natural-technogenic environments and geodynamics of the oil and gas fields and structures of Dniepr-Donetz region. Ukrniigaz Rep., 29 p., 4 maps.

Katz Y.I., Smyslova, L.I., 1988. Biogeochemical criteria of the distribution of Cretaceous phosphoritic layers in Western Kazakhstan. KharkovUniv. Rep., 28 p., 32 ill.

Katz Y.I., Litvinov V.V., 1989. Engineering geology and miocrogeodynamics of zones of building of city-regions N68-69 of Izium. Ukrvostokgiintiz rep., 38 p., 25 maps and sections.

Katz Y.I., 1989. Microgeodynamics of zones of building of city-regions N14-16 of Zheleznogorsk. Ukrvostokgiintiz Rep., 18 p., 3 maps. 

Butenko, V.I., Katz, Y.I., 1989. The analysis of versions of the location Ulyanovskaya nuclear power station (6000-8000 MWt). The recommendations in the selection of the point for the construction. KharkovUniv. Rep., 240 p., 17 ill.

Katz, Y.I., 1990. Regional geodynamics and microgeodynamics of the Bashkirian nuclear power station. Atomenergoproekt rep., Kharkov, 10 p., 2 maps.

Katz, Y.I., 1990. Structural position and event geodynamics of the region of  Crimean nuclear power station. KharkovEngineeringCenter Rep., 59 p., 15 ill.

Katz, Y.I., Kovalevskaya, Z.A., Fesenko, S.I., 1990. Geoecology and radioecology of the promzones of building N6-7 block-reactors of the Novovoronezhskaya nuclear power station. KharkovEngineeringCenter rep., 162 pp., 36 ill.


Primary published works (in Russian)


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Scientific Work In Israel (1991-2009)



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Abstracts presented at Israeli Geological Conferences


55.       Eppelbaum, L., Ben-Avraham, Z., Katz, Y. and Marco, S. 2003. Geological-geophysical analysis of Neogene-Quaternary basalt associations in the LakeKinneret area. Trans. of the Conf. of the Israel Geol. Soc. Ann. Meet., Dead Sea, Israel, p. 28.

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57.       Eppelbaum, L., Katz, Y. and Ben-Avraham, Z., 2006. Mt.Carmel structure as a plate tectonics phenomenon. Trans. of the Conf. of the Israel Geol. Soc. Ann. Meet., Beit-Shean, Israel, p. 31.

58.       Katz, Y., Ben-Avraham, Z. and Eppelbaum, L., 2007. Early Mesozoic Facial Distribution and Tectonic-Geophysical Setting in Israel. Trans. of the Conf. of the Israel Geol. Soc. Ann. Meet., Neve Zohar, Dead Sea, Israel, p.59.


Geological projects


1.  1992. Project on the detailed cyclic stratigraphy and biostratigraphy of Paleocene-Eocene deposits of Israel (with Prof. H. Benjamin). 1992.

2.  1991-1993. Detailed geological mapping of the Quaternary in the Greater Tel Aviv region in the scale 1:20,000 with the following materials:

     a) Quarternary map.

     b) Six Paleogeographical maps with geochronological step by 100,000 years.

     c) Neotectonic (microgeodynamic) map.

     d) Two geological sections.

3.  1994. Project on the hydrogeological mapping of the Coastal Plain of Israel for agricultural aims (with Dr. S. Golz).

4.  1995. Project on the Radon monitoring in the high radioactivity zones of Jerusalem (with Dr. E. Neeman and Dr. V. Butenko). With detailed prognosis map of microgeodynamic Radon-bearing structures in the scale of 1:10,000.

5.  1996. Project on detailed geoecological survey of the Nahal Oren (N. Israel). With Quarternary geomorphological and microgeodynamical maps to the scales of 1:1,000 and 1:5,000.

6.  1998. A possible diamond-bearing of Israel territory: general estimation (with  Dr. L.Eppelbaum).


Work on the fundamental problems of geology and paleontology


1.  1991-1998. A cyclic system of Geologic Time Scale - Part. I. Atlas of tables and general planetary events - geodynamic, hydrospheric, geomagnetic, biospheric and impact evens with radiochronological and stable isotopic materials with high resolution (100,000 years) for Mesozoic-Cenozoic (1,000-10,000 years) for Quarternary. 155 p.

2.  1992. Analysis of the Triassic planetary events - geodynamic, hydrospheric, paleomagnetic, biospheric (with Dr. F. Hirsh). 18 p. 15 tables and graphs.

     Report on the Internat. Cong. of the Gondvana development (Calgary, 1992).

3.  1993. Rudists growth, diversity, paleoecology, biogeography, evolution and mass extinction. 15 paleobiogeographical maps, 9 graphs, and 12 photographs.

4.  1995-1996. Analysis of the Strontium stable isotope distribution in the Neogene organogenic carbonates of northern Israel (with Prof. J. Kronfeld and V. Rogozhin).

     Report on the Geological Congress of Israel, 1998.

5.  1997. Discovery of unusual convergence of skeleton inner morphology between Archaeocyatha and recent Plolychaeta (with Prof. L. Fishelson).

6.  1997-1998. Discovery of the Rudist-shape forms (Mollusca, Bivalvia) in the Upper Pliocene coastal sediments of the Evron Quarry (Israel). Living Crustacean homeomorphs.

7.  1998. Mesozoic hot spots and criteria of diamond-bearing regions of Cretaceous Gondwana Continets (with Dr. L.Eppelbaum).

     Report on the Geological Society of America, 1998.

8.  1999. Plate Tectonics structural geology of the Western Mediterranean (with    Dr. L.Eppelbaum).

9.  South Tethyan Jurassic Brachiopod paleobiogeography as geodinamic indication of the Western Mediterranean Plate Tectonics.


Museum work with collection of Prof. H. Bytinsky-Salz


1.  1992-1994. Mesozoic regional paleontology of Israel.

2.  1995. System of Bivalvia and Archaeogastropoda (Mollusca).

     Secondary mineralisation and deformation of fossils.

3.  1996. System of Brachiopoda, Coelenterata and Echinodermata.

4.  1997. System of Algae, Belemnoidea, Teuthoidea (Cephalopoda), Porifera.

5.  1998-1999. System of Vermes and Protozoa.

6.  1992-1999. Acquisition of new (paleoecological) division of  collection of H. Bytinsky-Salz and new materials of Y. Katz.

7.  1999. System of Bryozoa.

8.  1998-1999. New technical methods of microfossils exhibition and conservation.