Let's discover your carbon footprint

The carbon footprint calculator is a unique calculator, the first of its kind in Israel. It was developed especially for the exhibition, “Global Warning: The Climate, the Crisis and Us”, which opened at the museum in June 2021. The questionnaire you’ll need to answer for the calculator is designed to determine the amount of greenhouse gases emitted to the atmosphere by each and every one of us according to our habits and lifestyle. The questions on the carbon footprint calculator were adapted to the consumer habitats of Israelis.

Although it is called a carbon footprint calculator, we must remember that carbon dioxide is not the only greenhouse gas whose atmospheric concentration is increasing due to human activities; there are also methane, nitrous oxide, and others. Each of them has a slightly different effect on global warming. Therefore, to simplify the demonstration we are making with this calculator, each other gas will be translated to a scale relevant to carbon dioxide. For example, if eating a hamburger causes emission of 100 kg methane, this will be weighted by the calculator to the equivalent value of 2300 kg carbon dioxide.
Use of the carbon footprint calculator will help you estimate the effect of your habits on greenhouse gas emissions, as well as suggesting actions for reducing your carbon footprint.

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