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Regulations of the Ticket Sales

Terms and Conditions of the Ticket Sales Website of the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History

Updated 30.6.2022

Thank you for choosing to book tickets to the Museum online.

The website smnh.smarticket.co.il (hereafter: “the website”) is operated by Smarticket for the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History (hereafter: “the Museum”), at 12 Klausner St, Tel Aviv https://smnh.tau.ac.il/. The website is used for online sale of tickets to the Museum. Ticket buyers ensure their place at the specified activity as well as faster admission to the museum.

General Conditions
Please closely read the terms and conditions of the ticket sales website, which constitute the terms of agreement between the ticket buyer and the Museum. Sharing your details online and/or any use of the service provided by the website constitute your agreement to all the terms of these terms and conditions, which apply to you and will obligate you on any issue related to use of the service provided by the website.

Ticket Purchases

  1. Anyone interested in purchasing tickets to the Museum online will provide the required details on the personal details form, including first name, surname, email address, cellphone number and credit card details.
  2. Those who pre-book tickets online for Museum admission or for any other activity ensure their participation in the activity. The tickets are issued at the time of booking, following payment, and are valid on the date and time printed on the tickets.
  3. The tickets will be sent to the email address used for booking and/or by SMS to the cellphone number.
  4. The Museum administration reserves the right to sell tickets directly at the ticket desk or by other means at its discretion.
  5. Tickets to the Museum may be purchased only by credit card. Purchases on the website do not include an additional service charge.
  6. Up to 6 tickets may be purchased at once through the website. Those interested in an organized visit of a larger group will send an email to smnhgroups@tauex.tau.ac.il or via the appropriate form on the Museum website.
  7. The price appearing on the Museum ticketing platform at checkout is the final, binding price.
  8. The buyer declares that all the details that have or will be provided during the ticket purchasing process online are his/her true details, including the credit card number. Provision of false details may be a criminal offense and the perpetrator may be subject to the penalty prescribed by law.
  9. The buyer knows that the credit card details provided will be transferred and used to clear the transaction through ‘’Pelecard’’ and his/her personal details will be used to purchase the tickets through ‘’Smarticket”.

Ticket Collection

  1. Tickets booked online will be sent automatically by the Museum’s ticketing platform to the email address provided by the buyer when booking and/or by SMS to the cellphone number provided on the ticketing platform at checkout. We clarify that tickets will not be sent by post or by any other means.
  2. The buyer is responsible for keeping the tickets received by email and presenting them on admission to the Museum.
  3. Those who are eligible for a discount or benefit and booked discounted tickets must present the relevant card, for example: student, senior, Tel Aviv resident, Tel Aviv University employee – when presenting the tickets for scanning at the Museum entrance.
  4. It is recommended to arrive about fifteen minutes before the designated hour. In instances where the ticket or tickets was/were booked for an activity at a specific hour (workshop or guided tour) the Museum is not obligated to hold the booked tickets for more than 30 minutes after the admission time printed on them.
  5. A booked ticket may be exchanged up to one hour (60 minutes) prior to commencement of the booked activity. The exchange will be done directly via the Museum’s ticket desk, tel: 073-380 2000 during opening hours. The Museum is not obligated to exchange the ticket for the desired time but will make a concerted effort to honor such requests.
  6. Ticket exchange involves refunding of the original booking and creation of a new booking.
  7. Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded after the commencement of a workshop or booked activity.
  8. The Museum will act in accordance to any guidelines provided regarding health or other circumstances; accordingly, it will allow exchange of an activity or retention of rights for tickets purchased.


  1. Payment is made using the credit card details provided online or via telephone, in one payment.
  2. The means of payment cannot be changed after booking the ticket or when collecting the ticket.
  3. The transaction is conditional on approval from the credit company through which the buyer is charged.
  4. The booking approval and transaction number will be sent to the email address provided by the buyer on the booking website. If an email with the transaction number is not received within a reasonable amount of time, the spam folder of the email should be checked and the inbox should be refreshed; if the email has still not arrived, a message should be sent to the Museum’s email address: smnh@tauex.tau.ac.il

Transaction Cancellation

  1. A transaction may be cancelled within 14 days of making the booking and up to no less than 7 days before the booked admission to the Museum.
  2. Transaction cancellation will not be possible within 7 days of the admission date printed on the ticket.
  3. Partial cancellations are not possible. Cancellation of part of a booking requires refunding of the original booking and creation of a new booking.
  4. If and when they occur, cancellations will be conducted only with the buyer’s approval by telephone to the Museum ticket desk, including personal identification.

Information Security

The Museum’s ticket sales website meets the PCI-DSS standard required by the credit companies and is secured by an SSL certificate. Transactions conducted on the Museum’s ticket sales website are cleared by Pelecard, approved by the credit companies for clearing internet transactions under its responsibility.

The credit card details provided during the online purchase will be used to clear the transaction through Pelecard and the personal details will be used to purchase the tickets through Smarticket. The details of the client and/or credit card are not saved on the Museum and/or the University websites, but rather on the servers of the companies authorized for this as outlined above.

Website Terms of Use

You are hereby obligated to use the website for personal needs only and in accordance with the instructions detailed in these terms and conditions including:

  1. The website services are not to be used to harm the privacy and/or any other right of any person and/or agency and/or third party.
  2. Purchase of a ticket for an activity not suitable for the age and/or any other reason related to a family member is the sole responsibility of the website user.

The Museum is not obligated to refund a ticket purchased in a way that does not correspond to the instructions in these terms and conditions.

The Museum has the exclusive right, at its discretion, to prevent a buyer from purchasing tickets online through the website in instances involving execution of an illegal action and/or violation of the terms and conditions and/or intentional provision of false details and/or execution/omission of an action that may harm the Museum and/or any third parties.


In the event that we publish various advertisements, including offers, we hereby clarify that any such advertisement and/or offer and/or answer to a question do not constitute a recommendation and/or professional advice and should in no case whatsoever be acted upon and anyone who uses and/or acts upon them and according to them does so solely under his/her own responsibility.

When providing details you can indicate that you approve and agree that from time to time, we and/or our representative will send updates such as advertising material and/or specials and/or notifications about activities and/or events and/or different campaigns. You are aware that if you decide that you are not interested in receiving the above you will be required to notify us accordingly in detail and receive a response from us that your notification was received. As long as this is not done we and/or our representative has the right to continue sending you the above information.


Any notification and/or change and/or issue that we are interesting in notifying you about will be sent to you by email or SMS according to the details you provided us, or published on the website. If we notify you about any change to any of the conditions of communication with us, then a lack of response and/or disagreement with the change on your part will be considered acceptance of the change.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

The website is the exclusive physical and intellectual property of Tel Aviv University. The information published on the website includes information belonging to the University and/or its representative and/or those connected to it. You thereby declare that you do not and will not have any rights of any kind with respect to this information and you agree to this and commit to having no right to make any use and/or copy and/or distribute and/or duplicate any information or picture protected by copyright, trademark or any information belonging to the intellectual property holder without prior permission in writing from an authorized person at the University.

You hereby confirm that you are aware that in the event that you violate the above mentioned in this section you may be sued by the copyright holder and any resulting damage caused to a third party will be your sole responsibility.

The website, its content, design, logo, graphics, and photos, as well as the choice, planning and layout, and content which are owned by the Museum, the algorithms and all intellectual property rights resulting from them, including patents, patent applications, and patent execution, trademarks, trade names, material protected by copyright, specifications, methods, processes, data, technical information, technology, interactive features, source codes and objects, files, interfaces, graph interfaces and trade secrets, those that are registered and those that are not or cannot be registered (all together: “intellectual property”) are the property of the Museum or are owned by the Museum under license.

You are not permitted to copy, disseminate, present, publicly display, install in a public place, dismantle, divide, change, transfer a license for commercial use, sell, rent, borrow, process, combine, integrate with other software, translate, change or create derivative works, (from) any of the material included in the property rights of the Museum, including the Museum’s intellectual property rights, in any way.

The logo and any other symbol identified with the Museum that are used on the website are all trademarks and/or trade names of the Museum, whether or not they were registered as registered trademarks.

All other trademarks, service marks, and trade names that may appear on the Museum website or any mention of them, belong to their owners accordingly (“third party trademarks”)

The user has no right and/or license and/or authorization to make any use of the Museum trademarks or third party trademarks, and hereby agrees and promises not to claim any right and/or license and/or issue related to the Museum trademarks or third party trademarks, unless the Museum gave advance, written authorization to do so.

Responsibility for Compensation and Indemnification

The buyer confirms that he/she is aware that there may be faults and/or disruptions and/or delays and/or interruptions in the operation of the website due to internet stoppage or faults and/or website maintenance or upgrade and/or other reasonable reasons and he/she waivers any claim on this issue towards the Museum and/or its representative.

Similarly, you are aware and you confirm that we are not responsible for cancellations of performances or events published on the website. The Museum and/or its representative is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage, consequential or extraordinary, caused to the buyer or a third party following purchase of tickets via the website.

In the event that the Museum initiates cancellation of an activity, the Museum will issue a credit/monetary refund due to the cancellation and will contact those who purchased tickets for the relevant activity. Those whose tickets were cancelled by the Museum will not have any right to compensation and/or prosecution and/or claim from the Museum on this issue.


The law applying to these terms and conditions is Israeli law. The exclusive judicial authority regarding any disagreement between the Museum and the buyer, including disagreement regarding the terms and conditions, is given to the authorized court of law in the Tel Aviv district only.

All of the above text in the terms and conditions, in male or female form, is directed at, and relates to, both men and women.

The Museum has the right to convert and/or transfer its rights and obligations according to these terms and conditions, entirely or partially, to any other agency, without confirmation from, or notification of, the website’s users.

We constantly strive to improve and welcome comments / constructive criticism that we may consider implementing. Please contact us by email: smnh@tauex.tau.ac.il

The Museum reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time; these changes will come into effect with their publication.

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