• שימור בעלי חיים
    Research at the Steinhardt Museum

    Photo by: Yoram Reshef

Research at the Steinhardt Museum

The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History is a National Enterprise operating under the auspices of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, a National Research Infrastructure recognized by the National Council for Research and Development and a Knowledge Center for Biology, Environment, and Agriculture recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Planning and Grants Committee of the Council of Higher Education.

The Museum’s collections are used for academic and applied research, as well as public education. Having brought together collections collected over decades, the Steinhardt Museum is now able to offer millions of items that document the fauna and flora of the Eastern Mediterranean in the past century, alongside the history and development of the human species.

Hundreds of scientists and professionals from Israel and overseas use the Steinhardt Museum collections every year, to conduct research and develop knowledge and tools for the management and conservation of ecosystems, as well as sustainable utilization of natural resources. More than 100 research students use the collection annually for their MSc and PhD projects.

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