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Full program for the 3rd Israeli conference for conservation science

The 3rd Israeli Conference for Conservation Science
Species, Ecosystems, and People

Full program

Day 1 - 18.10.22
8:30 Registration 
8:30 Workshops: Sharing biodiversity data: past, present and future | Dr. Tomer Gueta
An introduction to species distribution models | Eduardo Arlé
9:30 Prof. Tamar Dayan, Dr. Uri Roll | Opening greeting
9:45 Plenary:
Prof. Mark Burgman | Making a science of expert judgement for conservation
10:45 Poster session + coffee
11:15 invited talks:
Dani Amir | Planning: balancing nature and human uses
Prof. Miriam Belmaker | Through the looking glass: a view from the past on nature conservation
Rabbi Yonatan Neril | Faith and Science Earth Alliance: Bridging the gap between religion and environmental science
12:00 Contributed talks sessions
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Symposia:
Systematic conservation planning for Israeli wildlife | Chair Dr. Uri Roll
Engaging the public in nature conservation | Chair Dr. Yaela Golumbic
15:30 Contributed talks sessions
16:30 Beer, snacks, posters and best poster prizes
17:30 Field trip:
Bats in the city

Day 2 – 19.10.22

8:30 Registration
9:30 Contributed talks sessions
11:00 Coffee
11:15 Symposia:
Cross-border collaborations: challenges and opportunities| Chair Prof. Maoz Fine
Information and conservation decisions in the strategic planning of Israel | Chair  Nir Angert
12:45 Workshops:
How to publish in conservation biology journals | Prof. Mark Burgman
Tips and tricks for using iNaturalist |Dr.Tomer Gueta 
13:45 Lunch
14:45 Contributed talks sessions 
16:45 Plenary:
Prof. Wayne Getz |
Machine learning in wildlife identification: challenges, solutions, and insights
17:00 Beer, snacks and best lecture prizes
18:00 Field trip:
botanical garden


Day 3 – 20.10.22
Marine reserves and protected areas

8:30 Registration
9:00 Dr. Ruthy Yahel, Prof. Jonathan Belmaker | Opening greeting
9:15 Plenary:
Dr. Sylvaine Giakoumi | Mediterranean MPAs: Strengths, challenges, opportunities, and expectations
10:00 Prof. Gitai Yahel | Invading bivalves replaced the native Levantine populations, but their exclusion has a negligible effect of the local benthic community
10:20 Sarah Ohayon | Spatial patterns of fish biomass across MPAs borders
10:40 Discussion [Hebrew]
10:50 Coffee
11:00 Prof. Micha Ilan | From basic research of mesophotic sponge grounds to the promotion of marine reserves
11:20 Prof. Yizhaq Makovsky | Cost effective baseline and monitoring for rocky marine protected areas (MPAs) at the edge of the Israeli Mediterranean shelf
11:40 Dr. Gil Rilov | Crowd-sourcing” information to map and study shallow reef ecological hotspots and unique areas
11:50 Discussion [Hebrew]
12:00 Coffee
12:30 Dr. Ruthy Yahel, Ori Frid, Rei Diga | The ‘bioblitz surveys’: Effects of marine protected areas in a hotspot of climate change and invasion
13:00 Dr. Aviad Scheinin | A monitoring program for Evtach, Hof Hasharon, and Rosh Hanikra nature reserves: a threats-based indicator approach
13:10 Dr. Omri Bronstein, Dr. Yahushua Shkedy | An integrated monitoring program for Israel’s Mediterranean marine reserves
13:30 Discussion [Hebrew]
13:40 Lunch
14:30 Dr. Ayah Lazar | Protected Areas Connectivity in the Israeli Mediterranean Waters -a biophysical modeling approach
14:50 Dr. Igal Berenshtein | Proposed Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) support regional and local connectivity patterns
15:10 Discussion [Hebrew]
15:20 Dr. Yahushua Shkedy | Open discussion: implementing scientific findings-and the next steps [Hebrew]

Inauguration of the marine biodiversity center

16:00 Opening greeting and overview of the center
16:15 Plenary:
Prof. Sean Connolly | Commonness and rarity in marine systems: the curse of dimensionality and the challenge of understanding high-diversity systems
17:00 Prof. Noa Shenkar | What’s in my jar? Underwater discoveries
17:30 Panel: Using museum collections to guide marine management
18:00 Cocktail reception

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