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    Our Vision

Our Vision

The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History will serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for understanding the world of nature and its value for humans.
The museum will produce scientific knowledge and impart it to policy makers and the general public, encourage sustainable management of natural resources, and promote excellence in research and continued human development.

As the Israel national center for biodiversity studies, the Museum is the largest and most active hub for documentation and science in this field in Israel. As part of its public and scientific activity, the Museum supports environmental protection and agriculture in our region, promoting knowledge of nature, both local and global, and sharing its accumulated knowledge and scientific endeavors with the public.

More than five and a half million items, included in the natural history collections of Tel Aviv University, have been transferred to their new home at the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History. The collections provide documentation of the fauna and flora of Israel and the Middle East over thousands of years, alongside records of the historical and cultural development of the human species.

The Museum’s collections are used annually by hundreds of scientists and professionals from Israel and around the world, for research purposes, as well as for the development of knowledge and tools for managing and conserving ecosystems together with the sustainable use of natural resources. In addition, more than one hundred research students use the natural history collections every year, for their Master’s and PhD research projects.

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