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    last chance: Blisters | New Exhibition

last chance: Blisters | New Exhibition

  • Caricature exhibition in the entrance lobby of the museum

The exhibition closes in June 2022

The caricaturists, Amos Ellenbogen and Nir Molad (Nirmo), will display their caricatures, or as they like to call them, “Blisters”.

The exhibition offers a witty, ingenious view of the animal world that they both love: Nirmo completed a BA in biology at the Hebrew University and even taught animal behavior at schools for gifted children for a number of years; Ellenbogen is an amateur diver with a love of Lessepsian migration (movement of marine organisms from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal).

Birds, ants, fish, storks, whales, sharks, dolphins, elephants, and other extras were recruited especially for this crazy production, presented to you with love in 40 different caricatures.

The collaboration between the museum and Amos Ellenbogen began during the early days of the lockdown brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic. We were forced to close the museum for an unknown period of time, and everyone, including our visitors, withdrew into their homes. We wanted to keep in touch with our visitors and give them a taste of the unique experience of discovering nature through the museum (what we call “having a different view of nature”), and perhaps also bring a smile to their faces during those difficult times. Ellenbogen drew a caricature for the project “Nature [museum] at home”, and it was well-received.

With the blessed return to our new routine, we decided to expand the collaboration and present the personal perspectives of Ellenbogen and his partner, Nir Molad (also known as Nirmo), in a unique exhibition at the museum.

The exhibition will be on display to the public, free of charge, ends 18.6.2022. In the Galil Plaza at the entrance to the museum, with no need to purchase admission tickets.

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