• Museum staff

    Photo by: Yoram Reshef

Museum staff

Prof. Tamar Dayan, The Museum Chair

Dr. Menachem Goren, The Museum Deputy Chair

Alon Sapan,The Museum Director

Dana Silvera-Sharir, Administrative Manager and Human Resources

Dr. Revital Ben-David Zaslow, Chief Manager, the national natural history collections

Avigail Ben-Dov Segal, Administrative Coordinator

For the Scientific Staff click here.

Education and Science Communication

Dr. Yael Gavrieli, Head, Department of Education and Science Communication

Dr. Ilil Prat, Manager of Content Development, Department of Education and Science Communication

Irit Sidis, Manager of Education Programs, Department of Education and Science Communication

Daphna Lev, Projects Manager, Department of Education and Science Communication


Adi Katz Shapira, Head of Operations and Exhibitions

Doron Ninio, Museum Maintenance, Department of Operations and Exhibitions

Lynn Geffen Cohen, Operations Coordinator, Department of Operations and Exhibitions

Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Morgulis, Breeding and preparation of insects for “Bugs & Beyond”

Marketing and Strategy

Tamar Zadok, Director of Marketing and Strategy

Galit Benshahar-Abadi, Sales and Events, Department of Marketing and Strategy

Liat Lev , Sales and Group Visits Manager, Department of Marketing and Strategy

Shani Attias, Website Admin and Marcom, Department of Marketing and Strategy

Web team

Website Admin: Shani Attias

Website characterization: Tamar Zadok, Moshe Sakal

Editorial staff: Dr. Menachem Goren – scientific consultant, Alon Sapan, Dr. Yael Gavrieli, Dr. Ilil Prat, Daphna Lev, Moshe Sakal, Tamar Zadok

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Development: RSVP

Photography: Itay Benit, Shaxaf Haber, Oz Rittner, Yoram Reshef

Hebrew website
Writing and editing: Moshe Sakal, Daphna Lev; Language editing: Ronit Rosenthal

English website
Translation: Dr. Carly Golodets, Language editing: Michal Alexander

Arabic website
Translation: Salih Sawaed; Language editing: Jameel Ganaem

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