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    The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History Post-Doctoral Fellowships recipients

The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History Post-Doctoral Fellowships recipients


We congratulate the 14 recipients of the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History Post-Doctoral Fellowships.

The recipients join 40 previous post-docs who carried out different aspects of biodiversity research.

Good luck!

Zohar Yanai


Taxonomy and ecology of Hydropsychidae larvae (Insecta: Trichoptera) in Israel
Yonatan Meresman


Intra-specific wing-shape diversification: a geometric-morphometry approach
Marco Antonio Ribeiro Júnior


A taxonomic revision of seven Israeli reptiles using four methodological approaches
Bina Perl


Resolving the phylogeny, geographical distribution and population structures of Middle East tree frogs in Israel
Tali Magory Cohen


Living on the edge: cryptic diversity in peripheral populations of horseshoe bats
Bat-Sheva Rothman


Co-introductions of fishes and their parasites in the Mediterranean Sea
Or Ben-Zvi


Corallimorpharians and actiniarians of Eilat, Red Sea
Tal Idan


Mesophotic sponge community at the Israeli Mediterranean coast
Sofia Paraskevopoulou


Rotifers of Israel: Taxonomy, Phylogeography and Genetic Adaptation
under Extreme Environmental Conditions
Shira Penner


Relationships of phylogeny biogeography and evolution of propagule traits in Medicago and Trigonella (Fabaceae)
Abra Spiciarich


The Tel Moẓa Archaeozoological Collection: Faunal Remains from an Iron Age Agricultural and Cultic Center in Ancient Judah
Pnina Cohen Project I: The search for the lost Negev Byzantine heirloom grapevine cultivar
Project II: Human effect on striped hyena population in the Judean Desert during the mid-Holocene
Alon Shepon


Nutrition sensitive aquaculture for sustainable development:Optimizing environmental conservation and human food security in data-poor locations
Ronit Justo-Hanani The politics of artificial intelligence regulation and governance reform in the EU

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