Prof. Eli Geffen


Prof. Eli Geffen

Curator of Terrestrial Vertebrates, the Steinhardt Museum

Professor at the School of Zoology, Tel Aviv University

Prof. Eli Geffen is Curator of Terrestrial Vertebrates at the Steinhardt Museum and a Professor at the School of Zoology, Tel Aviv University. He received his PhD from the University of Oxford in 1990. Eli conducts research into behavioral ecology as expressed in the social dynamics and vocalization of the rock hyrax, visual communication in chameleons, and evolution of sociality in canids and other carnivores. He is also interested in population genetics, behavioral and environmental factors that influence dispersal decisions in carnivores and other vertebrates, and comparative studies on various behavioral aspects of birds and mammals. Eli utilizes samples from the Museum collections in his study of population genetics of wolves and jackals, dog and cat domestication, and the interaction between the changing environment and genetics in other carnivores. He has authored more than 100 scientific papers.

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