Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Morgulis


Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Morgulis

Collection manager of acalyptrate flies (Diptera) and the primary type collection, the Steinhardt Museum

Manager of live exhibition and live insect collection, the Steinhardt Museum

Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Morgulis is a collection manager for acalyptrate flies (Diptera) and the primary type collection at the Steinhardt Museum, and in charge of the live exhibition and live insect collection. She received her PhD degree from Tel-Aviv University in 2018, and her doctoral thesis dealt with the systematics and phylogeny of tephritid flies. Her interests include taxonomy, phylogeny and behavior of insects, and rearing methods of various arthropods. She described over 20 new species of tephritoid flies (Ulidiidae and Tephritidae), and established methods for rearing insects that have not been bred under laboratory conditions before. She has published 6 articles in peer-reviewed journals.

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