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Hamutal Friedman


Hamutal Friedman

Specimen preparator at the bird collection, the Steinhardt Museum

Hamutal Friedman is a specimen preparator in the bird collection at the Steinhardt Museum. She received her BSc from the Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel Aviv University (TAU), in 2017 and is currently finishing her MSc at the School of Zoology, TAU. Her thesis on Gains and losses of bird functional traits in relation to human disturbance across Israel climate and geographic gradient is supervised by Prof. Tamar Dayan and Dr. Hila Shamoon and is carried out in collaboration with HaMaarag (Israel’s National Nature Assessment Program at the Steinhardt Museum).

Hamutal’s main interests are ecology, nature conservation and macroecological patterns at local and global scales. As part of her museum activities, she is responsible for the preparation of avian skins for long-term preservation for the museum’s ornithological collections.

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