Igor Gavrilov


Igor Gavrilov

chief taxidermist

Igor  was born in Dushanbe the capital of Tajikistan a republic famous  for its rich nature. Since from early childhood showed interest in nature. The first insects collection was at the age of 4.After leaving school Igor entered to Institute of Zoology and Parasitology for the position of laboratory assistant and participated in long expeditions to study bird migration  collection of scientific material and birds ringing. The first lessons on taxidermy were in the field. After 2 years of service in army Igor was entered the department of biology and chemistry of the Tajik State University.Diring his studies he worked at as assistant the department of zoology under the leadership Prof. Vladimir I. Chikatunov . Igor completed his Masters degree  at Synanthropic birds in Dushanbe and surroundings. After started work at the Ministry of Environment and Ecology as chef inspector. Shortly after his arrival to Israel and in 1995 was employed as a taxidermist on the Department of Zoology, Tel Aviv University (presently part of the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History),and began a thorough study under the  guidance of the best taxidermist in 70-80 years Maick  Coen. After 5 years and works on scientific collection  Igor took part in The World championships in taxidermy and seminars after that he began to apply the most advanced and modern methods of works. After participating in several European and  world championships  and seminars where he got 3.2.avd1 places in various categories.In 2016, he took part in an international project for the study of malaria in Mali Africa, where he collected samples of local fauna to search for and identify parasites of malaria carriers.

Since the opening of the new museum, he has received the status of the chief taxidermist. He takes an active role in the creation of new objects and the maintenance of exhibits. Igor also participates in various programs of Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

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