Lion Novak


Lion Novak

Collection manager of Ascidiacea, the Steinhardt Museum

Lab Manager and research assistant at the School of Zoology, Tel Aviv University

Lion Novak is a collection manager of the Ascidiacea at the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History. He also serves as a lab manager and a researcher in Prof. Noa Shenkar’s group at the School of Zoology, Tel Aviv University. Lion has always been fascinated with science and the marine environment. He combined his interest in biology and love for the sea when he decided to pursue a degree in biology and become a marine biologist. Under Prof. Shenkar’s guidance, Lion has delved into the wonderful world of ascidians, where he integrates work on the ascidian collection and various research projects related to this organism. Currently he is studying proteomic profiling of ascidians as a tool for biomonitoring marine environments. Lion incorporates molecular biology and bioinformatics tools into his work. He also takes part in marine surveys as a scientific scuba diver.

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