Mira Eidels


Mira Eidels

Volunteer at the birds collection, the Steinhardt Museum

Mira Eidels is a volunteer at the birds collection at the Steinhardt Museum.
A long time ago, in 1962, she studied some biology, mainly ornithology, under Prof. H. Mendelssohn and Prof. Lev Fishelson in Abu-Kabir, where Tel Aviv University use to be. Since than she moved abroad and lived in the US and England. Upon her return to Israel, she went into the Arts rather than continueing with biology. She worked in the Batsheva dance Company for 22 years and was their Executive Director for nine of those. Then she was in charge of Kalisher, the art school in Tel-Aviv that eventually joined Seminar Ha’Kibbutzim.

Only after her retirement did she go back to her old love—birds—and joined to the avian team at the Museum as a volunteer.

Here in the bird collection, she helps out with any job that needs to be done. Most recently, she has assisted with moving the nest collection into plastic boxes and is now helping better curate the storage freezer.


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