Moshe Geizler


Moshe Geizler

Volunteer at the bird collection, the Steinhardt Museum

Moshe Geizler is a volunteer in the bird collection at the Steinhardt Museum.

From young age he acquired a keen interest in nature. He taught himself, mostly from books that he purchased through the years; a part of his library was donated to the Museum education department. In the end of the 1970’s he became a member of the Society for the Preservation of Nature in Israel, participated in many conferences, enriching his knowledge. He volunteered at the Zoological Garden in Abu-Kabir, when Zohar Zuk-Rimon was its head.

In the 1990’s he wrote children’s stories about nature and conservation. These were published in Pashosh, a monthly magazine for children, and Nizaney Mada, which was published by the science museum in Haifa. His papers were also published in La’da’at, Teva va’eretz and Torgos.

Moshe is an accomplished photographer. His photographs were exhibited in more than 30 countries. He received distinguished photographer awards from both the International Federation of Photographic Art and the Photographic Society of America (PSA). His papers and photos were published in the PSA Journal, and he received a recognition award in 2012.

After his retirement, Moshe started to volunteer at the Wildlife Hospital (2013) and the bird department at the Ramat Gan Safari (2014). In March, 2017 Moshe joined the Museum as a volunteer in our collections. He has recently finished correcting errors in the bird database and is now in charge of the pellet collection.

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