Dr. Noga Sokolover


Dr. Noga Sokolover

Collection manager of Bryozoa and Echinodermata, the Steinhardt Museum

Phone:  972-(0)73-380-2009
Email: nogasoko@tauex.tau.ac.il



Dr. Noga Sokolover is a collection manager of Bryozoa and Echinodermata at the Steinhardt Museum. Noga completed her BSc, MSc and PhD studies at Tel Aviv University, studying: “Chemical ecology of sponges from the Israeli coast of the Mediterranean Sea” for her MSc and “Ecological aspects of the Bryozoa along the Israeli coasts: Schizoporella errata as a model species” for her PhD degree, both under the supervision of Prof. Micha Ilan. Having started to study Bryozoa, Noga has fallen in love with these beautiful and a bit neglected organisms and continues to be enchanted by them every day.
Noga’s main interests today are Bryozoa taxonomy, bio-mineralization, marine ecology, and conservation. She founds working in both the collections and ISEES to be a great opportunity to bring science to policy makers and the general public.


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