Dr. Razy Hoffman


Dr. Razy Hoffman

Collection manager of the herbaria of marine and freshwater plants, The Steinhardt Museum

Dr. Razy Hoffman is a collection manager of the herbaria of marine and freshwater plants (seaweeds, Charophytes, Bryophytes and vascular plants), Cyanobacteria and aquatic parasitic fungi of the Steinhardt Museum. He obtained his PhD from Bar-Ilan University in 2012 and continued the floristic studies as a VATAT-supported postdoctoral fellow at Tel Aviv University. Rasy’s main research interests focus on algal and seagrass diversity, taxonomy, systematic and ecology, as well as the commercial and medicinal potential of these groups. His research covers topics in marine and coastal ecology, seaweed biology and evolution, water quality, but mostly the effects of invasive and alien marine species (seaweeds and other creatures) in general, and climate changes on the marine environment. He described several new species of seaweeds and discovered new invasive alien species (seaweeds and Crustaceans) that invaded to the Levantine shore of Israel. Some of them are first records from the Mediterranean Sea. Razy has published 17 scientific articles in peer reviewed journals and two chapters in scientific books.

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