Uri Ramon


Uri Ramon

Open Landscape Institute – Managing Director
The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, Tel Aviv University

Uri Ramon serves as the managing director of Open Landscape Institute (OLI). OLI is a professional institute dedicated to the preservation of Israel`s open landscapes. OLI studies and evaluates natural and cultural resources, and develops policy and tools for sustainable development and ecological conservation. The institute staff includes professionals in ecology, botany, zoology, planning, geographical history, economy, law, and agriculture.

OLI is part of the applied research wing of the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History at Tel Aviv University.

Uri’s education includes a B.A. in history – specializing in Indian history, language and culture, an M.A. in geography – specializing in environmental policy, planning and management, and an M.A. in business administration – specializing in real estate appraisal and land management. He qualified as a mediator following a three-year course in conflict resolution and environmental mediation for Palestinian and Israeli environmental professionals. He is also a qualified teacher and tour guide in India.

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