Dr. Ya’arit Levitt Barmats


Dr. Ya’arit Levitt Barmats

Collection manager of the Crustacea, the Steinhardt Museum

Dr. Ya’arit Levitt Barmats is a collection manager of the Crustacea at the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, Tel Aviv University (TAU). Ya’arit completed her MSc studies at Tel Aviv University under the supervision of Dr. Menachem Goren, studying the impact of depth gradient on alien fish species along the Mediterranean Sea coast of Israel. After graduating she joined the Museum as a collection manager in 2013.Her PhD was also conducted at Tel-Aviv University, under the supervision of Prof. Noa Shenkar. The research was focusing on the taxonomy and ecology of Decapoda crustaceans of the infraorder Caridea in Israel. Ya’arit’s main interests include the taxonomy and ecology of decapods, particularly of caridean species, using both molecular and morphological tools, and building an up-to-date museum collection. In addition, she is monitoring the spread of non-indigenous species in the Mediterranean Sea and the freshwater system of Israel.

Ya’arit is a member of the EASIN Editorial Board, assigned for the marine Arthropoda.

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