• מייצגים מתערוכת - ארץ, חי צומח
    Israel’s Landscapes

Israel’s Landscapes

Israel’s location at the unique intersection of three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa – combined with the diverse climatic and soil conditions, form the infrastructure for the existence of different habitats in a relatively small area.

A journey from west to east passes from the temperate coast and lowland regions to the hot desert regions, and from south to north passes from the dry desert region to the snowy Mt. Hermon. The multitude of habitats and the unique geographic location have led to a rich and impressive diversity of plants and animals in Israel.

This exhibition includes six large terrariums that display the range of habitats in Israel and the animals living in them. Among the 122 animals on display in this exhibition, you may find different species of animals common in the wild in Israel, including: Palestine viper, Palestine saw-scaled viper, greater Egyptian gerbil, European snow vole, desert hedgehog, Blanford’s fox, northern long-eared owl, heron, otter and Levant water frog.

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