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    The Web of Life

The Web of Life

Life in our world is based on a branched network of connections and interactions between different organisms. Basic needs such as food, reproduction, defense, and dispersal are essential to the existence of life and are facilitated by the diverse connections between organisms. These are sometimes predator-prey relationships, sometimes exploitative or parasitic relationships, and sometimes mutualistic relationships, in which both sides benefit.

Like all organisms, humans also cannot live alone on earth. To ensure the existence of the human species we need interactions with all of the natural systems as healthy, diverse, and functioning systems.

What will you see in the exhibition?

At the entrance to the exhibition, you’ll meet an acacia tree and the web of life that takes place around it in the desert. Further on, you’ll discover the diversity of connections between different organisms in nature: systems of connections that create the food web and connections between a range of organisms that help each other for reproduction, defense, and dispersal. The exhibition finishes with a display that weaves the diversity of connections into a multi-participant, complex system, and emphasizes how our existence depends on the healthy functioning of all systems in nature.

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