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לוגו אוניברסיטת תל אביב
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  • From the collections of Oxford University Museum of Natural History.
  • Welcome to the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History! Here you will have a different view of nature. The Museum presents Israel’s national treasures of nature, chosen from a scientific collection of five and a half million items.
  • The exhibitions at the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History include thousands of items, some of them quite rare, from the National Natural History Collections collected over decades at Tel Aviv University.
  • The Museum's collections are used for both academic and applied research, as well as the public's enjoyment. After compiling them over several decades, the Steinhardt Museum is now able to offer millions of items documenting the fauna and flora of the region over the last century, alongside the history and development of the human species.
  • Researchers of evolution at the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History have discovered that mammals became active during the day only after the dinosaurs became extinct.


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